Massive explosion reported in Lutsk, Ukraine

A Massive explosion occurred in Luhansk

A Massive explosion occurred in Luhansk

A powerful explosion occurred in Luhansk a few minutes ago. Eyewitnesses suggest that the oil depot could explode, reports Lugansk Inform Center.

The oil depot in the LPR was shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The fire that began at the base is now being extinguished says the Ministry of Emergency Situations. 

In Starobelsk, Luhansk region, which was occupied by Russian occupants, people burned the LPR flag and returned the Ukrainian flag instead. 

Forces from Luhansk and those from south of Kharkiv seem to have now established a line. Ukrainian salient between Luhansk and Charkiv seems occupied

Luhansk is under Russia temporary control this means that Ukraine saboteurs or missile strick it No fuel for large scale attacks or no fuel at all. Russia will give nothing since it struggles as well