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Special forces arrive at hostage situation at Apple Store Amsterdam

Special forces arrive at hostage situation at  Apple Store Amsterdam

Special forces unit DSI of the Dutch police are currently working in Amsterdam in the area of the operation to free the hostages.

Hostage situation at Apple Store in Amsterdam.suspect appears to be holding one victim at gunpoint. 

Several victim being held at gunpoint behind a window. Witnesses also say that gunfire was heard. The police were called for a possible robbery at an Apple Store on Leidseplein, a square in central Amsterdam

Police have surrounded a building in Leidseplein where a man, armed with what appears to be a gun, is holding at least one person captive in an Apple store.

It is rumored to be a possible robbery. Local TV reported witnesses saying they heard gunfire. Amsterdam police said "There's a police operation due to a call at a store on Leidseplein.

Footage posted on social media shows armed police surrounding the shop, which is in the Leidseplein district.

Restaurants in the area were evacuated as cops raced to the scene at 5.40pm .Officers confirmed an incident is ongoing in a statement

"Man allegedly demands €2M in Bitcoin, threatens to blow up Apple Store Amsterdam. Unconfirmed. Many empty police cars. Firefighters in bulletproof vests." 

Hostage taker at Amsterdam Applestore seriously injured after being hit by police car, while fleeing with hostage. Leidseplein